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Like many websites, we (EVERLEGAL) may use cookies in order to improve the performance of our website and provide you with more personalised content. If you agree, click "I agree" and continue to use the site. If you do not agree, please change your browser settings.



1.1 Cookies are small text files that are stored in a web browser on your computer or device through which you first visited our website and help us to remember who you are.

1.2 Cookies make your interaction with websites more efficient, as they can remember your personal settings (such as login or language) when you revisit the website from the same device.

1.3 Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to identify a person. They identify the device and associated habits of the device's user, like region, preferred browser type, etc. Cookies do not collect any data from your computer or other devices.



2.1 We use cookies to:

  • provide you with convenient use of our website;
  • market and target our services; and
  • provide web analytics of our website.




3.1 Absolutely necessary cookies - these are needed for the user to move around the web page and when using certain services, in particular registration and authorisation, site search, etc. Without such cookies, the site would not be able to remember that you have logged in or placed some products in the cart. Such files are of material importance to the basic functions of the site.

3.2 Operational (analytical) cookies are used to collect information about how the site is being used. Examples of such information are as follows: length of stay on the site, the most frequently visited pages, etc.

3.3 Functional cookies allow the site to remember the user's choice of settings. For example, this is information about the language version of the site, location, and other site settings that users can customise to their needs. Such cookies also allow users to watch videos, leave comments, participate in interactive polls, and interact with social networks.

3.4 Target cookies (targeting technology) are used to provide content that may be of interest to the user. Examples of data collected using such cookies are the following: tracking of text, graphics, audio and video to avoid re-display, set up targeted advertising.



4.1 When first using our website, you will see a cookies banner allowing you to agree to cookies usage or learn more about them. By clicking "agree" on the cookies banner you agree to the use of cookies and confirm that you are familiar with our Cookies Policy. 

4.2 If you do not agree, you can change your browser settings and completely disable all cookies or certain types of them.

4.3 To learn more about how to manage cookies on your browser, follow these links:

4.4 Please note that some features of our website may not work properly due to disabling cookies.


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