The core of EVERLEGAL company is environmental awareness, which affects each of us: from the large, medium and small businesses to every individual member of our society. 


EVERLEGAL is a responsible business. We are concerned about the impact of climate change both on a local and global level. We are conscious of our environmental impacts and strive to reduce them by developing our Sustainability direction at EVERLEGAL, which includes:


We have gathered a professional team for our Sustainability direction and appointed the co-managing partners - Yevheniy Deyneko and Andriy Olenyuk. They are responsible for developing this direction, its projects, and working with clients on various sustainable development challenges.

We strive to make our continued contribution to sustainable development through the reasonable use and recycling of limited resources and legal support of projects that contribute to solving environmental problems.


Our sustainability sections 




We position ourselves as the law firm that promotes sustainable development: we support green energy, environmental projects, an active lifestyle, and we are "bike-friendly".

Furthermore, our team actively participates in the renewable energy and environmental sectors, where we provide our clients with legal support to develop their "green" projects.

With every new project and initiative, we strive to protect our environment even more.


Our commitments 




Sector activities


  • We appreciate the importance of focusing on sustainable development and understand the significance of joining our efforts with others. We connect with global organizations and projects to support sustainable development and also create our initiatives, including the first platform for investments in "green" projects in Ukraine - GetMarket. For more information about the platform's activities, please follow the LINK.
  • Moreover, we are focused on improving the regulatory environment in the sustainable development sector. Our team is involved in the preparation of draft laws related to sustainable development. Among the latest experience, our team was involved in developing a draft law on promoting transparency in the extractive industries in Ukraine and a draft law on banning plastic packaging.
  • Our company already does waste sorting and gives it away for recycling, uses energy-efficient lamps, plants trees, reduces the amount of paper we use, and has also created our own EVERLEGAL BIKE PARK for our employees, promoting eco-friendly transport and a healthy lifestyle.
  • We have the Pro Bono program to support organizations/companies/initiatives in the sustainable development sector, in which EVERLEGAL will allocate 1,000 hours a year for legal support of such projects. For more information about the program, please, follow the LINK.


Our projects (2021)





Our expertise in the sustainable development sector 


Our team provides legal support to companies and organizations in the sustainable development sector on transactional, corporate, regulatory and commercial matters, employment issues, as well as financing and further development of the client's project.

We use a comprehensive approach when working with clients and have extensive experience working with many foreign jurisdictions, international law firms, and consultants.

For more information about our experience and expertise, follow the LINK


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