• resolution of disputes of any complexity
  • legal support and defence against unlawful actions of third parties (so-called “raider attacks”)
  • legal defence during criminal proceedings
  • legal support re debt collection from counterparties
  • consulting re competition law and representation before the competition authorities
  • consulting re corporate governance
  • consulting re taxation, customs clearance of goods
  • consulting re current issues of a company’s activity 
  • drafting of documents concerning corporate governance
  • legal audit (verification) of counterparties before entering into business relations 
  • support of contracting for businesses 
  • legal support in attracting financing from Ukrainian and foreign financial institutions and funds
  • legal support in international and domestic agricultural trade 
  • legal support in the registration of crop receipts and their enforcement
  • legal support in obtaining licensing and permit documentation 
  • legal support during the revisions of supervisory authorities
  • legal support in employment relations

We solve your legal issues
 However complex they are
Wherever they occur
Whenever you need us

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