Project Development Managers

Taking into account our legal expertise in project development, we understand that you as a project manager in energy sector may need our legal assistance in the following matters:

  • Receipt of title to the land (including, allocation of the land plot and change its designated use, legal support with development of land design documentation and urban-planning documentation, representation of the client's interests in state and local authorities)
  • Legal due diligence of immovable property (e.g., during acquisition of the land by a project company or formalisation of the lease title to the land) and in case of any risks identified, we will provide our legal support with their further mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance during design, construction, and development of facilities
  • Comprehensive legal support with drafting and negotiating of the agreements necessary for design, construction, and development of the project (including EPC, architectural and/or technical supervision, supply of the equipment, O&M services, etc)
  • Receipt of the permits and approvals required for construction and commissioning of real estate facility
  • Registration of title to and encumbrances over immovable property
  • Grid connection (including, negotiating grid connection agreements, legal support with other regulatory matters)
  • Receipt of feed-in-tariff (including, legal support concerning the entrance by a project company into an agreement on the sale and purchase of electricity, preparing and collecting the documents required for receipt of the feed-in-tariff)
  • Representation of clients' interests in relation to the state and local authorities in connection with regulatory and other matters at all of the above stages during project development

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