Financial Department

As the company's legal advisor in the field of transport and infrastructure, we provide legal support to the Finance Department on the following issues:

  • attraction and provision of intragroup financing (including preparation and coordination of credit agreements, agreements on financial assistance, etc.)
  • legal support for the provision of security to banks or other creditors (including the preparation and conclusion of mortgage agreements, agreements on the pledge of movable assets or corporate rights, surety agreements or corporate guarantees, state registration of encumbrances, etc.)
  • refinancing or debt restructuring (including legal support due to the termination of existing collateral (mortgages, pledge, etc.) and its subsequent transfer to another creditor, assignment of the right of claim, etc.)
  • obtaining all corporate and regulatory permits at any stage of financing
  • representation of clients' interests in relations with banks and other creditors on issues of currency regulation and observance of currency control, settlement of court disputes as well as pre-trial negotiations

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