EVERLEGAL Team Stands with Ukraine

01.06.2022 4185

On February 24, 2022, Ukraine faced the biggest violation of the rights of an independent country to the sovereignty and freedom of its citizens - military aggression by the russian federation!

In this new reality, Ukrainians showed incredible resilience and courage. We have united, doing everything in our power every day to bring the victory closer. There is no other way in the country of Free People.

Our EVERLEGAL team is no exception. We keep in touch every day, we have joined forces and continued working and supporting both our clients and Ukrainian citizens, namely:

  • 1/ We launched a Telegram channel and HOTLINE with prompt legal support for Ukrainian citizens. Every day we prepare up-to-date legislative reviews and helpful news for the Ukrainians. Besides, in Telegram chat, we receive numerous consultation requests that our team processes promptly. We have already provided free consultations and support to hundreds of Ukrainians and continue doing so. 
  • 2/ The second front of our work is HELP DESK: Ukraine for the business in Ukraine. Our team provides pro bono consultations to our clients, Ukrainian business and international business in Ukraine regarding the adverse consequences of hostilities in Ukraine. 
  • 3/ The third direction of our work is HELP DESK: Poland. In partnership with Polish law firm WKB lawyers, we launched a help desk for Ukrainians in Poland. Within this help desk, our team prepares newsletters with answers to the most relevant questions for Ukrainians abroad. Our Polish colleagues post this information on their resources and share it with organisations in Poland so that Ukrainians have regular access to this information. 
  • 4/ We have also launched a Charitable Fund “We are From Ukraine”. EVERLEGAL created this organisation to unite the compassionate legal community and business in Ukraine, in order to raise funds to support internally displaced people of Ukraine.

    The mission of this fund: humanitarian support of internally displaced people of Ukraine, especially those who came from the most damaged territories of Ukraine and experienced the most tragic events in Ukraine (i.e., Mariupol, Kharkiv, Sumy, Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel, Donbas etc). This support includes medicines, food, basic necessities, housing, etc. If you need any help or want to support our fund, please follow the LINK.

  • 5/ In addition, we sent some of our people on secondment to our partner law firms in other countries (Ireland, Spain, Poland, etc.). 


If you need any legal support in the EU or the UK, in particular:

  • creation or relocation of business
  • contractual matters, employment matters
  • banking and finance matters
  • corporate, commercial matters, etc.


You are welcome to contact us. We are close to you: hello@everlegal.ua

If you need legal support, you can contact us within one of the programs described above.

If you want to join one of our programs or have an idea for creation a joint project, please, send us a letter at kravets@everlegal.ua

Together we will win.
Glory to Ukraine!


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