No business with Russia

01.03.2022 641

Official statement of the EVERLEGAL team, 1 March 2022

Let's stop the aggressor and the war in Ukraine together!

Dear colleagues, clients and partners! The situation in Ukraine is getting worse every day. Russia is brutally attacking Ukrainian cities (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kherson, etc.), destroying houses, cultural monuments, schools, hospitals. Hundreds of people have already been affected, including children.

The whole world joins forces to stop the terrorist actions of the occupiers on our land! Business in different parts of the world is suspending their cooperation with Russia, closing access to the aggressor's financing, imports, exports and development of the country in general.

EVERLEGAL is no exception. Since the beginning of the occupation and military operations in Donbas and Crimea in 2014, our team has stopped cooperating with Russia. However, today, the world is striking at Russian business supporting the occupiers.

We move on. And as of today, we are suspending all communication and closing all working relationships with Russian companies, institutions and organizations. At this moment, we do not have time to establish who supports the occupiers and who doesn't. We impose a moratorium on servicing any business related to Russia.

We call on all our clients, partners and friends worldwide to stop cooperating with the Russian Federation and Russian business, to stop financing the aggressor and his invasion of the territory of a peaceful state - Ukraine. This step is necessary for every conscious business to protect Europe from the enemy occupier!


We are strong when we are together!

We are grateful to everyone supporting Ukraine!


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