Reservation of the employees during the war: answers to the current issues

13.06.2022 984

More and more workers during martial law are wondering if their employer can provide a reservation for them. It is also essential for employers to know whether they can exercise this right.

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In focus:

  • 1. Which companies can reserve employees?
  • 2. What is the mobilization task for companies?
  • 3. How to reserve employees during the war?
  • 4. Which employees can/cannot be reserved?
  • 5. How can the company tell the employee about being reserved?
  • 6. When is the reservation canceled?
  • 7. Can a private entrepreneur reserve himself?
  • 8. Can the reserved employees leave Ukraine?
  • 9. How can a company suspend a reserved employee, who already takes part in combat actions, from military service?


*Publication is available in Ukrainian only

Our experts: counsel Svitlana Teteria, associate Nataliia Iveruk, junior associate Karyna Sagaydak

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