EVERLEGAL team provides the in-depth analysis of criminal law and process issues, considers all possible actions in order to select the best legal option for the client.

Our defence lawyers are experienced in criminal proceedings and investigations of white-collar crimes, abusing of power by governmental authorities against business, economic crimes, and specifically on criminal litigation during both stages - investigation and trial. 

What we offer

  • Services
    • Preparation of legal memoranda on criminal law issues, assessment of risks, developing a case strategy. Providing second views on the existing strategies prepared by other lawyers
    • General criminal law advice
    • Supporting clients during pre-trial investigation stage
    • Preparation of statements of offence
    • Challenging investigator’s actions or failure to act, prosecutor’s or investigating judge’s decisions and rulings
    • Challenging seizure of assets and recovering temporarily seized assets
    • Representation during searches
    • Representation during preventive measures’ hearings
    • Representation during investigative and various procedural actions
    • Preparing clients for and representing during interrogations (as a witness, expert, victim, suspect, accused person)
    • Searching for and documenting evidence, preparation of motions regarding various investigative and procedural actions
    • Supporting clients during settlements in criminal proceedings
    • Representation of clients at a trial court, appellate court and cassation court
  • Products
    • AUDIT of criminal proceedings
    • Protection 360* (Comprehensive support of the client and its employees in criminal proceedings at investigations and procedural actions)
    • Internal audit (we involve our lawyers of criminal practice as third-party disinterested experts for conducting internal investigations in companies on the revealed facts of dishonest behavior)

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