EVERLEGAL team has significant experience working with the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine and abroad. We act as a legal partner to small, mid-size and growing businesses as well as to global leaders. 

We provide our clients with full legal support in this sector, from starting a business and ongoing legal support to resolving disputes of varying complexity.

How we can help

  • Business Owners

    Our list of services, among others, includes:

    • Business set-up, reorganisations & winding up 
    • Development of the constituent instruments and corporate contracts, as well as making adjustments to them
    • Development of the model of the organisation of employment relations in the company, as well as the templates of employment contracts and internal employment documentation
    • Advising on regulatory matters
    • Advising on any commercial matters
    • Legal due diligence 
    • Dispute resolution (including disputes of any complexity)
  • Legal Department

    Our list of services, among others, includes:

    • Corporate matters (including, convening and holding the shareholders' meeting and meetings of other governing bodies, restatement of constitutional documents, change of the share capital increase, change of the members of the governing bodies, etc)
    • Day-to-day business operations and commercial agreements (including, lease agreements, supply, financing, EPC, etc.)
    • Regulatory and compliance matters (including, receipt of licenses and permits, representation of the clients' interests in relations with the state and local authorities, matters related to protection of economic competition, etc)
    • Employment matters
    • Banking and other financing matters
    • Export/import of goods issues
    • Intellectual property matters
    • Litigation matters (including, representation of the clients' interests at the courts of all levels)
  • HR Department

    Our list of services, among others, includes:

    • Preparing and negotiating employment contracts/agreements, as well as internal employment documentation
    • Employment of foreigners in Ukraine (including obtaining of work permits, temporary residence permits and Ukrainian visas)
    • Developing the model of the organisation of employment relations in the company
    • Data privacy (including, preparing the non-disclosure agreements with employees, internal regulations on confidential information and/or trade secret, etc)
    • Responsibility of top managers (including, preparing by-laws and internal regulations on supervisory board and/or board of directors, optimizing structure of corporate governance in the company's constitutional documents, ect)
    • Employment laws compliance (leaves, labour safety, personal data related matters, etc)
    • Litigation matters

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