EVERLEGAL has diverse experience in arbitrating, litigating, investigating and resolving disputes in multiple jurisdictions. The range of disputes dealt with by EVERLEGAL for its clients includes commercial, corporate, investment, intellectual property and personal matters. 

Our team handles arbitrations and cross-border litigations in such industries as energy (including renewables), military and defense, manufacturing and technology, infrastructure and construction, banking and finance, shipping, international trade and others. 

Our expertise is valued by the clients for bringing results through strategic and tactical thinking, industry knowledge, private and public sectors experience, profound preparation and strong advocacy. EVERLEGAL clients entrust us not only structuring and supporting their deals and transactions but also solving their problems and disagreements with other parties when those escalate into international disputes.


What we offer

  • Services
    • International commercial arbitration under all major institutional and ad hoc arbitration rules
    • Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards and court judgments in Ukraine and abroad
    • Cross-border court proceedings (including multi party and multi-jurisdiction litigation)
    • Interim reliefs in support of international arbitration and foreign litigation
    • Drafting arbitration clauses and agreements, advising on arbitration related issues
    • Investment treaty arbitration
    • Setting aside proceedings with respect to Ukrainian foreign awards
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