In the case of complex debt, both the lender and the borrower (the debtor) need to develop a position and strategy for the possibility of debt collection, assessment of the prospects for debt collection, and/or existing debt regulation.

We provide full legal support for the analysis of the existing state of debt (collateral and unsecured loans), the development of a plan to resolve the debtor's insolvency, a detailed analysis of the conditions that led to the emergence of debt and primary loan documents, as well as advice both at the stage of the pre-trial debt settlement and at any stage of the claim-related work.

Our team has experience in representing the interests of both Ukrainian banks and banks with foreign investments in Ukraine, individual creditors, and financial institutions.


What we offer

  • Services
    • Development of a legal strategy to protect the rights of the creditor from the actions of the debtor
    • Detailed analysis of the property status of the debtor and related parties
    • Development of a debt collection strategy
    • Representation of the client's interests in negotiations with counterparties on the bad debt settlement
    • Providing assistance to the parties in resolving the conflict (dispute) under the loan agreement by negotiating in order to reach a pre-trial compromise
    • Organisation and assurance of the implementation of claims-related work on bad debt collection (in the case of judicial and enforcement proceedings)
    • Support of purchase contract of the right to claim (assets of the and/or existing banks of Ukraine, financial institutions)
    • Compliance verification of the debtor and the credit file
    • Engagement with collateral loans on a personalised basis (“case by case”)
  • Products
    • Full customer support: informing clients at different stages of the outstanding debt through various means of communication (incoming/outgoing calls, emails, etc)
    • Preparation and finalisation on a turnkey basis of a debt restructuring agreement, the contract for the assignment (purchase and sale) of the right to claim under a loan agreement, and a security agreement (mortgage, pledge). State registration of the cha
    • Cooperation with private executors concerning the enforcement of the collateral property
    • Development of a mechanism of mortgage foreclosure both during the enforcement proceedings and out-of-court (non-judicial) mortgage foreclosure
    • Comprehensive due diligence of the problem asset and determination of its possible market value (estimation of the right to claim)

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