EVERLEGAL team has deep expertise in legal issues arising in the course of the businesses’ operational activities. Our team advises on a variety of commercial laws matters such as IP law, employment, licensing and regulatory regimes, compliance regimes (anti-corruption, data privacy, anti-money laundering), labour safety and environmental regulations.

Our clients in this practice area represent energy, pharmaceutical and healthcare, consumer goods, banking and financial services, IT, agriculture, media and some other industries.

What we offer

  • Services
    • Labour legislation issues
    • Corporate issues
    • Compliance with the requirements of existing legislation
    • Regulatory issues
    • Contractual issues
    • Intellectual property issues
    • Foreign economic activity issues
    • Financial and tax legislation issues
  • Products
    • Templates of employment contracts/agreements as well as any internal employment documentation
    • Corporate documentation
    • Legal audit conclusion on compliance with the requirements of existing legislation
    • Preparation of commercial contracts
    • Legal opinion on any commercial issues

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